16 December 2020

How to install Microsoft Access Runtime 2016 Silently

 I have recently needed to install Microsoft Access Runtime 2016 silently through SCCM.

Whilst you can install the software silently, it still shows up asking to accept the EULA, so subsequently SCCM will time out as it's waiting for user input.

In order to get around this, you can do the following:

  1. Extract files using AccessRuntimeXXXXX.exe /extract:ExtractedFiles.
  2. Open Notepad and copy the following in:
    <Configuration Product="AccessRT">
    <Display Level="None" CompletionNotice="no" SuppressModal="yes" AcceptEula="yes" />
    <Logging Type="standard" Path="C:\Windows\Temp\" Template="Microsoft_Access_2016_Runtime_Setup(*).log" />
    <COMPANYNAME Value="Company Name" />
    <Setting Id="SETUP_REBOOT" Value="Never" />
  3. Save this as config.xml
  4. When you create your application within SCCM, have the command line to run it as the following
    setup.exe /config /config/xml

14 December 2020

DISM to remove Win10 Appx apps from a .WIM file

Here's a great way to remove packages from a WIM file to ensure you don't have to build and capture another image within SCCM.  

This has come about due to a client having an image, and later requiring certain apps to be removed.

Create a new folder on your server called "Mounted_Image"

Mount your WIM file to that location with the following command:

Mount-WindowsImage -ImagePath "E:\SourceFiles\CapturedWims\CAPTURE001.wim" -Index 1 -Path "c:\Mounted_image"

Now create a PS1 file with the following, which will allow you to remove the various appx packages:


foreach ($app in $apps) {	
	Get-AppXProvisionedPackage -path C:\Mounted_Image | where DisplayName -EQ $app | Remove-AppxProvisionedPackage

That'll then go through and remove the various packages from the WIM file.

You can test after this by running the following command:

Get-AppxProvisionedPackage -Path c:\Mounted_Image

Once you are done, make sure you save the WIM file and dismount with the following command:

Dismount-WindowsImage -Path c:\Mounted_Image -Save