11 May 2021

Export Group Policy (GPO) to a File

 I recently needed to export a list of all GPOs within a client's environment to HTML file.  Rather than going through each one individually and exporting out, I used this simple PowerShell command to get the job done.

I create a new folder called GPOExport within C: root (C:\GPOExport), then ran the following command:

Get-GPO -all | % { Get-GPOReport -GUID $_.id -ReportType HTML -Path "C:\GPOExport\$($_.displayName).html" }

08 April 2021

Switching to the Office 365 Monthly Update Channel

 The following registry change can be made if you'd like to update Office 365 software (i.e. Word/Excel/Outlook) from Semi Annual to Monthly Channel.  This is definitely the recommended setting if you have the Office 365 subscription to ensure you're always getting the most up to date software.

Open Regedit and navigate to the following:


Search for CDNBaseUrl 

You can simply replace the URL within the key with one of hte above, depending on what you want to set.  Once you've done this, you can re-open the Office app and search for updates.  It'll start updating.