06 September 2016

Intel SCS: Platform Discovery | Task Sequence Failing

So I am currently in the middle of setting up and configuring Intel SCS to leverage Out of Band Management through SCCM 2012 for a client of mine.  This is something I have done before and didn't have a problem with, but in this environment, for some reason I'm having a few issues.

After installing the SCCM add-on, I enabled the Intel SCS: Platform Discovery add-in, which was created automatically.  I deployed it to a number of computers to ensure that it's working and that the machines show up in Intel AMT: Exists Device Collection.

Unfortunately I ran into some issues with this one:

The above are the error messages that are showing up within the SMSTS.log file.

From here, I changed the package to download all the data locally, then to run the TS.  When this happened, I got a different error saying that it couldn't locate the ACUConfig.exe file.  I copied this file over to the Platform Discovery folder, along with the associated DLL.

Once I had done this, the package was then updated to the distribution points and the Task Sequence was then re-deployed.  I selected the TS to download all the data locally before running.  This now seems to be working fine!  

I've refreshed the Device Collections and they're populating as intended.  The weird part is that I've had setups which have worked perfectly fine without having to manually copy these two files over, but for some reason, this time it just wasn't working. 

The good news is that this is now working for us! 

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