06 October 2016

SCCM | Editing Object | Cannot edit the object, which is in use by ‘’ at Site ‘

Recently I have been working on a client's SCCM server, and it has been crashing a lot.  The problem with crashing, is that it doesn't update SQL to tell it that the item is no longer in use, therefore it remains 'locked'.  This means that if you try to open the object (in this case it's a boot image), it will say "Cannot edit the object, which is in use by <username> at site <sitename>.

You can try to resolve the issue by clicking 'retry edit', but it usually fails.

In order to get around this, there are two SQL queries that you will need to do which will allow you to edit the object immediately.  They are the following:

select * from SEDO_LockState where LockStateID <> 0


DELETE from SEDO_LockState where LockID = ‘<LockID of the record identified in the previous query>’

That's it!  Once you've done that, you should be able to go into the ConfigMgr console and open up the object that was previously locked.

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