13 January 2017

Convert to Shared Mailbox | Office 365 | Script

Thanks to my colleague Gareth Harris for this script.

I have recently been running a few large-scale (1000+ mailboxes) and I've had to rely on scripts for assigning licenses and converting mailboxes to shared mailboxes etc.

This blog will cover the script to convert mailboxes to a Shared Mailbox, and then remove any associated Office 365 licenses with that user.

  1. Create a folder on your machine called "Office 365"
  2. Create a CSV file with the header of "UserPrincipalName" and then fill the column up with the UPNs of the mailboxes/accounts that you wish to convert to Shared Mailboxes.  Save this as license.csv
  3. Open Notepad and add the following contents:
    Import-csv "C:\Folder\SubFolder\Office 365\License.CSV" | foreach {
    $UPN = $_.userPrincipalName
    Set-Mailbox $UPN -Type “Shared”
    $MSOLSKU = (Get-MSOLUser -UserPrincipalName $UPN).Licenses[0].AccountSkuId
  4. Save this file as "ConvertToShared.ps1"
Once you have done this, you will need to sign into Office 365 through PowerShell.  To do this, you can head over to this blog and follow the steps here.

Once you've done this, change your directory to the 'Office 365' folder that you had created.  Then run the 'ConvertToShared.ps1' file.  


This will then start the process of converting the mailboxes to 'Shared', and will also remove the licenses if there were any assigned.

Thanks to my colleague Gareth Harris for this script.


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