28 August 2018

Deleting Data on Deduped Volume Doesn't Clear Up Space

I have recently cleared up some data on a drive volume which was deduped via Server 2012 R2.  The dedupe functionality was working extremely well, and I was getting 80% dedupe on a 3.5TB volume, so no complaints there, however when it came time to archive off some data and then delete it, I noticed that the data wasn't actually freeing up. 

This little issue will only occur when you've got Dedupe enabled via the Server OS.  Luckily, there's an easy way to get around this, with a quick PowerShell command.

The solution is to enable something called Garbage Collection.  This is actually a scheduled job that is designed to reclaiming any unused chunks of data that are no longer being referenced by files that have been recently modified or deleted.  WHilst it may run on a scheduled basis, we need to force it to run here, to speed up that process.

Open up PowerShell and type in the following command:

Start-DedupJob D: -Type GarbageCollection -Verbose

The drive letter in bold is whatever your volume is which you'd like to run this on.  Once you've done this, the server will kick into action and will start cleaning up the volume.  You can monitor it's progress by using the following command:



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