08 January 2019

Hybrid O365 User Creation

Here's a simple script created by a colleague of mine, for creating a new user account and assigning an O365 mailbox. 

$Users = Import-Csv -Path "C:\Users.csv"
$OU = read.host "What OU would you like the users created in?"       
$domain = read.host "What is your domain?"
$Password = read.host "What password would you like to set all accounts to?"     
foreach ($User in $Users)            
    $Displayname = $User.Firstname + " " + $User.Lastname            
    $UserFirstname = $User.Firstname            
    $UserLastname = $User.Lastname            
    $SAM = $User.Username          
    $UPN = $User.Firstname + "." + $User.Lastname + "@" + $domain
    $Mobile = $User.Mobile
    $Home = $User.PersonalEmail
    New-ADUser -Name "$Displayname" -DisplayName "$Displayname" -SamAccountName $SAM -UserPrincipalName $UPN -GivenName "$UserFirstname" -Surname "$UserLastname" -AccountPassword (ConvertTo-SecureString $Password -AsPlainText -Force) -Enabled $true -Path "$OU" -ChangePasswordAtLogon $false –PasswordNeverExpires $true -MobilePhone $Mobile -HomePhone $Home
    $RemoteRouting = "smtp:" + $UPN
    Enabled-RemoteMailbox $SAM -RemoteRoutingAddress $RemoteRouting

The script will prompt the OU path where you want to create the users, the domain and the password you want to use.

It then creates the account, with the fields populated by the CSV file.
Those fields are Firstname, Lastname, Username, Mobile, PersonalEmail
Once the account is created, it will then create the mailbox on 365.

All that's left to do is assign the licenses.


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