01 July 2016

File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) showing inaccurate quota usage

Recently a client of mine came to me saying that File Server Resource Manager (FSRM) Quotas wasn't reporting accurately.  On this particular network, Folder Redirection had been enabled and all data was being redirected back to the file server.  There was a 250MB quota setup for each user's redirected folder (ie Desktops has 250MB limit).

FSRM Quotas was showing that a particular user's Desktop folder was using 160% of the quota limit.

When checking how much data is actually being used in that folder through FSRM, it shows the following:

When checking the file location, it's also showing that the folder is empty.  I ensured that Hidden Folders were being shown.

Checking the 'Size on Disk', it definitely gave the same file size of 401mb, so I knew that there's definitely something within that folder that's not being shown to me.  I checked the view settings of the folder and had to un-tick the following item:

With that un-ticked, I was now able to see the Recycle Bin within the user's folder:

So now we have worked out why FSRM is showing what it's showing, we need to remove all the Recycle Bin files from each user's Folder Redirection location.  This was relatively easy, and I did it with a batch script, which had the following in it:

for /d %%i in (E:\Users\FolderRedirection\Desktops\*) do @ rd /q/s "%%i\$Recycle.Bin

for /d %%i in (E:\Users\FolderRedirection\Documents\*) do @ rd /q/s "%%i\$Recycle.Bin

for /d %%i in (E:\Users\FolderRedirection\Pictures\*) do @ rd /q/s "%%i\$Recycle.Bin

for /d %%i in (E:\Users\FolderRedirection\Music\*) do @ rd /q/s "%%i\$Recycle.Bin

for /d %%i in (E:\Users\FolderRedirection\Videos\*) do @ rd /q/s "%%i\$Recycle.Bin


Running this script goes through all the usernames and then removes all the $Recycle.Bin files within the specific folders.  You will need to adjust the location to ensure that it's targeting the correct folders within your network. 

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