29 March 2017

Update App Deployment Client Connectivity Restriction | SCCM

I recently had a client who's using SCCM, and was needing to install a particular application on many computers.  These machines happened to be in a workshop and they were testing the deployment by doing the manual install (through Software Centre).  They noticed that whilst they elected to install this particular app on about 30 machines, most of the workstations would say "Waiting to install", whilst only about 5 or so machines would actually be installing the app at one time.

Ultimately every machine received the application, however they wanted to know why it was limited to this small number, and what we could do to increase that.

To update this number to allow more machines simultaneously installing applications, we need to do the following:

Administration > Site Configuration > Sites > Configure Site Components > Software Distribution

The highlighted section is what I had updated.

The next part I updated was the following:

Administration > Site Configuration > Sites > Right-click site name and click Properties > "Sender" tab

I updated the circled settings to be 15 each.