28 December 2016

Migrate DHCP Server to Server 2016

The following process can be followed when you're creating a new Domain Controller, and you'd like to migrate DHCP settings from an old DC to a new one.

I have done this from Server 2008R2 to Server 2016, however this can be used from 2008 to 2016.
  1. Log in to the old (existing) Domain Controller running DHCP
  2. Open up an Administrative Command Prompt
  3. Type the following:
    netsh dhcp server export C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\dhcp.txt all
  4. Copy the .txt file over to the desktop of the new DC
  5. Open up an Administrative Command Prompt
  6. Type the following:
    netsh dhcp server import C:\Users\<username>\Desktop\dhcp.txt all
  7. Open DHCP on the new 2016 server.  You will notice all the settings have now been migrated (including reservations and leases)
Once you've done this, you will then need to authorise the new DC and unauthorise the old DC.  This should happen automatically when you authorise the new DC, however make sure you double check this on the old one. 

To be on the safe as once you've done this, make sure you disable the DHCP Server service on the old DC.  This will ensure it does not start again if you were to reboot the server.

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