09 December 2016

WSUS Not Downloding Updates

I recently had a client who had WSUS setup on Server 2016.  It was trying to downloading some updates after a synchronisation, but it would freeze at 100% and not go any further.

Synchronisations were fine, and it would download the data that's required, however these 5 updates would just sit there.  Checking Event Logs, I saw the following error:

After running the following command I found the following event

"C:\Program Files\Update Services\Tools\WsusUtil.exe CheckHealth"

It looks like the particular file it's trying to download is corrupt.  Checking WSUS to find out what the update is, KB3172989 is actually a CU for Server 2016 Technical Preview.  In this case, it's not needed so it was declined through WSUS.  After doing this, I did a search for all the Technical Preview updates, and declined them as well.  After running a Synchronisation again, it worked well. 

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