09 June 2016

Error connecting to shared printer

Recently a client of mine was trying to access a label printer.  It was connected via USB to a workstation, and then shared out from there across the network.  When he was trying to connect to it over the network, he received the following error message:

When logging into server to check this out, I pinged the workstation name, which resolved an IP address.  I tried to access it through Windows Explorer, but that threw an error message:

After seeing these weird quirks, I thought it could be related to the Windows Firewall.  Perhaps the network profile had switched to public and the firewall was now blocking a lot more items than it usually would.

Before checking the firewall settings of the workstation, and the network profile (I didn't have access to the workstation at the time), I decided to check DNS and DHCP to compare the IP addresses.  The IP addresses of the two machines which were having problems are highlighted in yellow:

I then compared this to the DNS records for the same computer names, and noticed that they were getting different IP Addresses (the two workstations have been highlighted).

After deleting the stale DNS records, a quick ipconfig /registerdns on each of the workstations then resolved this issue.

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