01 June 2016

RDS 2012 Collection - Unable to enable user disk on UserVHDShare.

Recently when setting up a new collection within RDS 2012, I received an error message when deploying the collection, and creating User Profile Disks.  I received the following error message:

The error reads:
Unable to enable user disks on UserVHDShare.  Could not create the template VHD.  Error Message: -800391163

Luckily, this was a nice and easy fix, and is permission related.  When creating the new folder share that the User Profile Disks were going to be located in, it is essentially to allow Everyone Full Control for Share permissions, and ensure that the computer accounts have Full Control for NTFS permissions.  All the Session Hosts will need to have Full Control in order for them to create the VHDXs.

After giving the Session Hosts the NTFS permissions, and then rebooting the servers (they need to be rebooted to pick up their new security permissions), I re-ran the Collection creation, and this time it worked fine!

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