27 June 2016

Microsoft Exchange could not discover any route to connector CN=Windows SBS Company Web Connector [SERVERNAME]

Recently when I was troubleshooting some Exchange issues on a client's server, I noticed the following Event log and thought I would troubleshoot it further:

What's happening is that a 'Foreign Connector' is still present in the Active Directory and Exchange configuration for an old SBS environment (SBS was recently decommissioned).  This is for SharePoint email to web feature, which was never used and it's not needed.

To get rid of this, it's safe to just delete the connector.  To find the connector, type the following:

Get-ForeignConnector | fl

To delete the connector, type the following:

Remote-ForeignConnector "Windows SBS Company Web Connector SERVERNAME"

This will remove the orphaned connector, clean up the errors and stop them from occurring.

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