27 June 2016

SMTP rejected a (P1) mail from 'HealthMailboxXXXX.

Recently a client of mine noticed that their Exchange server (Exchange 2013) was getting an event log every five minutes saying the following:

There was no interruption to mail flow, but we wanted to look into it and find out why it was happening.  I had a look into this event and it looks like there was an issue with this Health Mailbox.  Having a look into what the best cause of action is, it was understood that these can be deleted from AD without any issues.

I logged into the DC and deleted the specific user account in question:

After deleting this user account (and I had made sure the Active Directory Recycle Bin was enabled), I restarted the Microsoft Exchange Health Manager service.  If needed, this will re-create the HealthMailbox.  After monitoring for about half an hour, I was happy that the event was no longer showing up within Event Viewer.  

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